Operating Program:
Innovative Economy 2007-2013

Priority 2:
Infrastructure of the R&D Sphere

Action 2.3:
Investment related to the development of the IT infrastructure for science

Sub-Action 2.3.1:
Projects related to the development of the IT infrastructure for science

Title of the Project:

"Extension of 21 local teleinformatic scientfic networks - NewMAN"

Time Frames:

Commencement Date: 1 February 2009
Planned Completion Date: 25 December 2011


The project aims at extending 21 local teleinformatic scientfic networks to provide scientific institutions all over Poland with access to an innovative and secure network infrastructure. It will support scientific research and development works undertaken by Polish research teams and enable communication with scientific institutions all over the world via PIONIER (Polish Optical Internet) backbone network.
The realization of the main objective will include the following specific objectives:

  1. Extending the amount of equipment (purchase of netwrk equipment) in 21 centers of Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs) in order to ensure and maintain the highest world standards in the scope of network infrastructure dedicated to scientific institutions connected with MANs all over Poland;
  2. Developing the network infrastructure to facilitate the connecting of subsequent scientific institutions to the MAN;
  3. Developing the network infrastructure to allow the connected institutions to use higher bandwith links;
  4. Increasing the reliablity of MANs.

The realization of the project will indirectly serve to support scientfic research and development works for innovative economy, which are the objectives of PO IG 2.3.

The quality objectives are:

  • modernizing the teletransmission infrastructure,
  • increasing the quality of the transmission services offered by MANs to scientific institutions, and
  • giving a possibility to create virtual connections on demand between remote research teams.


The project entitled "Extension of 21 local teleinformatic scientfic networks - NewMAN", or NewMAN for short, intends to choose, purchase and launch modern network equipment working within the existing MAN infrastructure. Hence it will be possible to build a transmission platform increasing the bandwidth/throughput of the MAN and put together dynamic virtual connections and dedicated channels on demand used by universities and scientific institutions to realize a variety of national and international projects. Using modern technology will integrate the connections between research teams working in various fields of science.

The Polish scientific community boasts one of the most innovative scientific networks called PONIER - Polish Optical Internet. The currect transmission capabilities of the network (20 Gb/s) enable to develop genuinely broadband services. At present their realization within MANs causes problems as the IT infrastructure is not sufficient. The planned development of MANs will provide scientific institutions supported by the networks all over Poland with access to a modern and secure network infrastructure.

Taking into account the world tendencies in the development of services rendered in broadband scientific networks, the PIONIER Consortium has indicated the main directions of MAN development, including the following most significant elements:

  • introducing the 1-Gigabit and 10-Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, and
  • using the MPLS technology to realize advanced teletransmission services.

Adapting such technical and organizational solutions conforms with the world tendencies as well as parallel solutions developed by the pan-European Geant2 and Geant3 networks.
The NewMAN project envisages extending the amount of equipment within 21 local teleinformatic scientific networks, including the purchase and implementation of 132 backbone switches and 253 access switches working in the aforementined technologies.
The newly equipped network will constitute the development basis for works on the Internet of the future in the scope realized in accordance with the recommendations of the European Commission defined in the 7th Framework Program documentation.

The development of the network infrastructure will give more possibilities to connect subsequent scientific institutions to the local scientific MANs and enable the connected scientific institutions to use higher bandwidth links. Thanks to modern technologies, MANs and HPC centers will be much more reliable, and the network infrastructure will make it possible for scientific institutions connected with MANs to do research that requires access to the Internet and an opportunity to send information of the highest world parameters.

Financed From:

  • EU Grant: PLN 66 295 095,50
  • Subsidy from the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education: PLN 11 699 134,50
  • The Consortium members' own sources: PLN 10 568 423,20

Total Cost: PLN 88 562 653,20 gross


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