The PIONIER Consortium came into being in Kazimierz Dolny on 25 October, 2003. It constitutes a formal agreement concluded by the leading MAN institutions and HPC Centers. The Consortium aims to build a National Optical Network and, on the basis of the network and the IT infrastructure belonging to the Leading Institutions, develop actions to realize the statutory objectives of the Leading Institutions and for the benefit of the Information Society.

On 14 April 2009, Poznań saw 21 members of the PIONIER Consortium entered into an agreement to delineate rules of common application to the European Union resources within the Second Competition of the Innovative Economy Operational Program, priority 2 "Infrastructure of the R&D Sphere", action 2.3 "Investment related to the development of the IT infrastructure for science" aiming to support the realization of the project named "Extension of 21 local teleinformatic scientific networks - NewMAN", also known as NewMAN.


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